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What is a CRM Application?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to a combination of strategy, process and technology aimed at managing a business’ relationships with its customers more effectively. The term also refers to customer relationship management software or application. CRM applications are used to collect, store, analyze and analyze a business’ customer information and provide better customer service based on this information. By combining ERP and CRM for businesses, it provides data consistency and increases business efficiency. Customer information speeds decision-making by reducing mismatch errors between orders and financial data.

CRM stores customer information in a central database. This database may include customers’ contact information, purchase history, preferences, complaints and more. CRM applications help to track and resolve customer requests and make customer service processes more efficient. CRM applications make it easier to communicate and follow up with customers. This may include email, phone calls, chat, social media and other communication channels. CRM enables sales teams to use customer information more effectively and track sales opportunities. CRM makes it easy to plan, implement and track the results of marketing campaigns. This may include customer segmentation, personalized marketing and collecting customer feedback.

CRM applications help businesses strengthen their customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction, help them market more effectively and increase their sales. These applications are usually cloud-based and can run on local servers. CRM customer relations are very important for every business and are used in many different sectors and business types.

The basic functions of CRM are as follows;

  • Customer Information Management
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Customer Service and Support
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