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Sales and CRM in ERP Applications

Sales refers to the process of offering and selling a business’s products or services to customers. Sales is an essential function for business revenue generation and growth. The sales process includes the stages of identifying and informing potential customers, presenting offers, making deals and finally delivering products or services. CRM customer relations also plays a big role in the sales process. ERP and CRM are two different types of software that help manage business processes and the customer. ERP is a software system that can manage all stored business processes in an integrated manner.

The ERP system can facilitate managing sales orders, monitoring stock levels, invoicing and collection. Data-driven sales processes support business decision-making processes by providing accurate analysis and reports. An integrated CRM within the ERP system can strengthen the business’s customer relationships. CRM provides the ability to track customer data, follow customer requests and provide customized service to the customer. This can increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty. Using Sales and CRM together in an ERP system protects the data integrity of a business and makes business processes more efficient.

For example, when a customer order is received by the CRM, it is automatically routed to the ERP system and stock control, invoicing and logistics processes are initiated. This increases the speed of order processing and customer satisfaction.

Principles of ERP Sales and CRM Management in Business;

Sales Management

  • Defining Business Processes
  • ERP Budget Selection
  • Integration
  • Sales Orders and Inventory Management
  • Financial monitoring

CRM Management

  • Customer Relations
  • Customer Interactions
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Data Analytics

As a result, sales management and CRM are critical components within the ERP system and should be integrated to increase business efficiency, strengthen customer relationships and gain competitive advantage. When choosing and implementing an ERP system, you should make sure that these functionalities are in line with the needs of your business.

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