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Quality Management Module

The HarmonyERP quality module supports the company’s quality management, reducing errors, improving processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Quality module covers key topics such as quality control processes, management of quality tests and audits, tracking and analyzing quality metrics. It also includes functions such as defect detection, management of quality improvement projects, quality costing and reporting. The Quality module helps the company to improve the quality of its products and services, reduce errors and ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality Management
  • Purchasing input control management
  • Final final product control management
  • Process control management
  • Calibration tracking
  • Documentation management
  • DÖF
  • Laboratory operations
  • Periodic control operations

Easy Traceability and Transparent Structure

With the quality module, we can easily control our purchased raw materials according to the criteria we have previously defined. According to production intermediate parts and end-of-production quality controls, we can automatically direct production parts to different warehouses through the system. We can easily track the documents of our stocks and quality certificates on the document management system.

We rely not only on our content but also on our quality consultancy and support processes. This basic understanding shows our service quality.

At Project Inception

Our consultants act like business personnel and analyze all processes of the business in detail. After the analysis, they prepare a special training program for the enterprise and implement the training program.

Throughout the Project

The trainings continue with our trainers who have mastered HarmonyERP modules, providing training to the relevant departments in accordance with their processes and activating the demo usage screens.

Transition to Live

Transition to the live system is made after the detailed training is completed and additional developments compatible with the company processes are completed. In this process, the company can receive instant telephone support from our training and consultancy unit and on-site service in the specified period.

In Continuous Use

After the companies complete the trainings, the ERP system is kept live and in use with instant support, telephone connection, on-site visits in accordance with the support agreement made with the company.

Additional Enhancements

In line with the demands of the enterprise, we apply the processes required by the enterprise to the company system after testing processes on HarmonyERP with our experienced analysts.

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