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Designed for manufacturers
the most comprehensive ERP program

Maximize the monitoring, control and development of your business with HarmonyERP’s 25 years of experience.

ERP software trusted by hundreds of companies from dozens of different industries

As HarmonyERP, we add value to the production ecosystem with the ERP projects we have signed in more than 10 sectors in 25 years and the ERP trainings we provide at 5 universities.


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Stories of our customers who achieved success with HarmonyERP

HarmonyERP sayesinde iki yüzden fazla çalışanımız ile birlikte tüm üretimimizi, maliyetlerimizi, verimliliğimizi planlayabiliyoruz ve takip edebiliyoruz.

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KNS Otomotiv YKB Yardımcısı

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HarmonyERP ile 22.000 SKU’nun stok durumunu anlık olarak takip edebiliyoruz. Üretim planlama modülü ile üretimde ihtiyaç duyduğumuz tüm işlemleri ve raporları alabiliyoruz. 

Üretim Planlama Müdürü

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HarmonyERP sayesinde konsolide yapıdaki grup şirketlerimiz arasında satın alma ve satış işlemlerini başarılı bir şekilde hatasız yönetebiliyoruz.

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HarmonyERP ile üretimden gerçek zamanlı veriler elde etmeye başladık. Tüm siparişlerimizin üretimden sevkiyata uçtan uca takibini sağlayabiliyoruz.

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Our Solutions

With HarmonyERP, we maximize the follow-up, control and development of all your business processes.

Production Management Module

Meet Your Production Needs Exactly

The production module aims to manage the company’s production processes. This module covers basic topics such as production planning, work order management, material control and monitoring. It also includes functions such as productivity analysis, quality control, cost calculation and reporting.

Purchasing Module

Easy Traceability and Transparent Structure

It has important functions such as management and tracking of purchasing transactions, storage and analysis of supplier information, creation and monitoring of purchase orders, determination of material requirements and inventory control. Automates and manages your company’s procurement of goods and services.

Sales – CRM Module

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Sales-CRM module aims to manage the company’s sales and customer relations. This module covers basic topics such as customer relationship management, sales management, proposal and order management. It also includes functions such as customer analysis, marketing campaigns, sales performance monitoring and reporting. In this way, companies optimize their sales processes, increase customer satisfaction and improve sales performance.

Inventory Management Module

Instantly View Inventory Balances and Monetary Values

Inventory control module, this module covers basic issues such as stock tracking, inventory management, recording stock movements and monitoring stock levels. It also includes functions such as inventory analysis, demand forecasting, inventory cost calculation and reporting.

Quality Management Module

Easy Traceability and Transparent Structure

The Quality module covers key topics such as quality control processes, management of quality tests and audits, tracking and analyzing quality metrics. It also includes functions such as defect detection, management of quality improvement projects, quality costing and reporting. The Quality module helps the company to improve the quality of its products and services, reduce errors and ensure customer satisfaction.

Accounting Finance Module

Effective Management of Your Financial Processes

The Accounting-Finance module aims to effectively manage the company’s financial processes. This module includes basic features such as organizing financial records, income-expense tracking, financial analysis and reporting. It also helps the company improve its financial performance through functions such as tax management, cost control and budgeting.

Maintenance and Repair Module

Continuous Maintenance, Robust Production

The Maintenance and Repair Management module aims to manage the regular maintenance of equipment, ensuring that breakdowns are resolved quickly and business continuity is maintained. This module includes key features such as periodic maintenance planning, fault management, maintenance documentation and cost tracking. It provides businesses with efficient maintenance management and contributes to the improvement of processes.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Production Control is in Your Hands: Track Your Production Instantly with MES

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a software-based system used to manage and control manufacturing processes. Machine data is transferred to the MES via sensors and automation devices. Implementation processes consist of various phases for monitoring, managing and optimizing production activities in the factory.

HR and Payroll

Efficient Human Resources, Productive Company

HR and payroll management module helps you digitize and manage all HR processes of your employees from recruitment processes to personnel management, leave management, payroll and wage management from a single center. In addition, you can easily manage your employees’ payroll management, training planning, wage and budget simulation, increase employee satisfaction, and make all your HR processes more efficient.


We develop customized solutions according to sectors.

Defense Industry


Machine Production

Metal Processing

Plastic Injection Molding



Contract Manufacturing

Our Integrations

HarmonyERP can be integrated with many systems and services from e-transformation solutions to e-commerce, payment systems to MES infrastructures.

Start the transformation here

Stay one step ahead of your competitors in digital transformation with HarmonyERP!
Be a pioneer in digital transformation to catch the future!
Increase your productivity with innovative production management solutions.
Get ahead of your competitors by optimizing your business processes.

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