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Sales Activities and Marketing Strategies with ERP

ERP systems, developed to manage all operations of businesses in an integrated manner, optimize the interaction between processes by increasing the efficiency of the business. These systems, which include internal and external activities, expand the customer base and facilitate the development of customer relationships.

Sales Management with ERP Systems

ERP systems are used effectively to increase sales volume, record customer satisfaction and set targets for sales teams. Customer quotations, orders and shipment processes are at the heart of sales activities. All steps from the creation of the offer to the delivery of the product can be monitored and managed through the ERP system.

How Sales Processes Work

Once a sales opportunity is identified, the sales process begins. Recording potential customers and analyzing their information through reports is important for new customer acquisition. Customers with sales potential constitute potential sources of revenue for the business. The data provided by the ERP system can improve sales performance by helping to create customized presentations, offers and customer-centric marketing strategies. Customer conversations and interactions can be recorded in the ERP system and the quotation, order and shipment stages can be tracked through HarmonyERP.

Coordination of Sales Teams

The ERP system offers the possibility to collaborate not only with customers but also with members of the sales team. For example, sales representatives working in different geographical areas can use the ERP system to track their quotes and orders. CRM systems play an important role in customer analytics. In after-sales processes, information such as the recording of service requests, communication history and the status of services can be collected and managed on a central platform through ERP.

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