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Quality and ERP

Businesses need to manage all their processes from a single platform using similar systems such as ERP in order to save time, increase efficiency and increase profitability. The relationship between quality and ERP includes the ability of businesses to adjust costs by implementing an effective quality management program. The execution of quality control processes for businesses in accordance with certain standards enables ERP to offer advantages in this context.

Thanks to the quality control practices carried out during the production stages, quality problems can be prevented in advance by ensuring that the products comply with the specified standards. Quality control in final product final controls and purchasing processes at every stage of the processes ensures that defective products are identified and analyzed. In this way, similar problems can be avoided in the future.

Quality Module

Before the start of the purchasing process, the products go through a quality control phase before entering the warehouses. As a result of these controls, it is determined which products have quality problems and businesses can take this information into account when choosing suppliers. In the process control phase, quality control is carried out after the production of each product part, thus ensuring that the final products comply with quality standards by analyzing within the processes. In the final inspection, the products are checked for compliance with quality control standards before they are packaged. The compliance of the criteria determined in all quality processes is recorded. Quality documents can be viewed through documents and contracts within ERP systems.

The ERP system improves the performance of businesses in quality control processes, ensures customer satisfaction and helps to save time. Errors are minimized by monitoring the quality controls performed during production through the ERP system.

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