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Why ERP is Important?

As the size of the enterprises changes, the structure of the ERP systems they use also differs. As businesses grow, managers may find it difficult to oversee all functions effectively. ERP systems play an important role in helping all departments communicate effectively, helping them overcome this challenge.

ERP provides benefits for businesses in a chained way. This system saves time and traceability and ensures strong efficiency. With the right sourcing, effective communication and stock tracking can be achieved, increasing customer (CRM) satisfaction and reducing costs.

Businesses with more than one group need ERP systems to meet the need to work in coordination with their affiliated companies. Managing all processes with a single program instead of using separate programs increases the efficiency of such businesses.

The Importance of ERP in Digitalization

In the digital age, digitalization has become a necessity for businesses. Programs such as accounting or MRP calculations alone are insufficient. Businesses need to turn to cloud-based ERP systems. The demand for information and communication technologies is growing rapidly in the digital age.

Thanks to cloud-based ERP systems, businesses can view business information over the web, and sales department employees can enter quotes and orders via tools such as phones or tablets. Businesses with more than one group prefer the ERP system due to the need for coordinated work.

An Important Analysis Tool

With the data kept in ERP systems, various analyzes can be made, reports can be created and shared. In this way, businesses have the opportunity to perform internal analysis by identifying mistakes and deficiencies.

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