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What is VAT Refund and How Is It Done?

VAT refund refers to the refund of VAT paid in certain circumstances on a tax called Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is a tax added to the value of a good or service and is usually paid by the consumer. In some cases, however, companies or individuals can claim back the VAT they have paid under certain conditions.

In general, the requirements for VAT refund are as follows;


As a first step, make sure you have tax liability. As a business, if you fulfill the requirements for VAT liability, you can claim a VAT refund.

Storage of Invoices and Documents:

Keep the documents required for VAT refunds in an organized manner. These documents usually include invoices for purchases received or made.

VAT Refund Application:

File an application with the relevant tax office. Application procedures may vary from country to country, so follow the process as guided by your tax authority.

Meeting the Necessary Conditions:

In some cases, you may need to fulfill certain conditions for a VAT refund above a certain amount. For example, certain situations, such as business travel or investment projects, may be eligible for VAT refunds.

Filling out the relevant forms:

Fill in certain forms provided by the tax office. These forms contain information that supports your VAT refund claim.

Evaluation and Approval:

The tax office will evaluate your application and, if deemed appropriate, will approve the VAT refund.


The approved VAT refund is usually paid within a certain period of time.

These steps provide general guidance, but specific details may vary depending on the country’s tax laws and procedures. Therefore, it will be important to seek help from an accounting professional or tax advisor specialized in VAT refunds.

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