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What does e-delivery note mean?

A waybill is a document that must be issued when shipping goods sold or to be sold. An electronic waybill (E-waybill) is a digital version of a traditional paper waybill and has the same legal value as a paper waybill, but includes the license plate of the carrier vehicle and driver information. For businesses, the creation and transmission of these electronic documents to customers offers advantages in terms of time and cost.

What are the reasons for preferring electronic delivery notes?

The use of electronic waybills saves time and costs, as well as making it easier for businesses to manage their business processes. E-waybill issuance is carried out on a digital platform, making it more practical to create, store and report waybills. Instant transmission of documents in electronic format can save time and reduce shipping costs. For these reasons, businesses tend to prefer e-dispatch.

How are e-delivery notes processed?

In order to create and send e-dispatch notes, certain information is required in line with the requirements of the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law. This information includes: business name, trade name, address, tax office and tax number, date of issue, quantity of goods transported, actual date and time of shipment. Businesses registered in the e-invoice system must use e-dispatch note as of 01.01.2019. For businesses registered to the e-invoice system, e-dispatch note applications are the same as e-invoice applications.

E-dispatch transactions can be realized in different ways:

It can be accessed from https://portal.efatura.gov.tr/efatura/egiris.jsp provided by the Revenue Administration (RA). Businesses can organize e-dispatch notes by integrating their own information systems. E-dispatch note transactions can also be realized by getting support from companies that offer special integration services.

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