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October 2023 Updates

  • Software arrangements related to Dispatch Order Transactions have been made.
  • Process improvements related to address-based stock movements were made.
update 1
  • It has been ensured that stock movement transactions whose address fields are not selected are based on the addresses in general definitions.
  • Improvements have been made related to changing detail work order information.
update 2
  • With the development, it was enabled to change the workbenches connected to the work order. (Pending work orders)
  • Kiosk (Work order completion screen) Improvement was made related to worker tracking on the screen.
  • Output option has been added to the Inventory Balance report for additional output.
  • Information fields have been added to the purchase orders data entry screen to view supplier past purchase information.
update 3
  • An improvement has been made regarding the warning and price parameters change when the existing offer current is changed on the customer offer entry screen.
  • Filtering features related to listing stocks without unit conversion have been added to the stock report.
  • Detailed arrangements were made on the Asset Inventory form screen.
  • Order acceptance screen list search tab and pivot report tab data sets have been synchronized.
  • FIFO purchase cost calculation feature has been added to the stock monetary amount report.
update 4
  • Warning improvements have been made regarding incorrect VAT entry controls in Sales Modules.
  • Detailed improvements were made on the stock aging report.
  • Additions were made to the timing parameters related to the automatic reserve from stock screen.
  • Design arrangements related to the E-Waybill Screen have been made.
  • Measuring instruments and maintenance menu data sets were added to the mandatory fields selection screen.
  • Delivery information fields have been added to customer offers and customer orders search screens.
  • Component shortcode search feature has been added in Variant based search screens.
  • Mandatory price code / campaign code feature has been added to current card screens and linked price screen.
  • Delay day field has been added to the purchase order report.
  • Filtering feature has been added to the waybill screens according to the barcode number.
  • For Current Cards, arrangements have been made regarding the dispatch warning limit, dispatch order stop limit, order stop limit features.
  • It was ensured that transactions can be made according to the end of the period and the beginning of the period in the company definition in the e-ledger.
  • Project Name Column has been added to the invoice transactions screen. This Field comes depending on the Project Code.
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