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Medium Package Module Details

Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management, which starts with defining a supplier card, covers your Independent Purchase Requests, Quotation, Order, return and dispatch processes. With MRP needs, offer and order records can be created by transfer. With the parameters of the module, you can make usage adjustments specific to your processes and sector. In the module; there are detailed reports on the basis of menu and module.

Contract Management

Contract management is a strategy that enables a business to optimize its production processes and increase its efficiency by using external resources (outsourcing). This process is typically supported by HarmonyERP. The enterprise determines which production processes or operations to outsource (subcontract). HarmonyERP evaluates potential contract suppliers according to the criteria set by the business. Factors such as pricing, quality, delivery times are taken into account.

Stock Warehouse Management

Inventory warehouse management is the process by which a business effectively plans, tracks and controls its stock of products and materials. Proper inventory management enables businesses to respond quickly to changes in demand, increase customer satisfaction and optimize operational efficiency.

Basic Sales Module

This module includes various functions such as organizing sales processes, managing customer relations, controlling inventory and recording financial information. As the needs of every business are different, the features of the core sales module can be customized to suit the industry, size and business processes of the business. Businesses often use this module by integrating their overall business processes, which allows all departments of the business to work in harmony with each other.

Basic Production Module

This module includes various functions such as production planning, inventory control, work order management and production performance monitoring. It will help businesses to increase their production capacity, reduce costs and manage their production processes more effectively.

Costing Standard BAO

It is the process of identifying and calculating all costs required to produce or provide a product or service. This process is important for businesses to be able to produce and price their products and services profitably. Businesses can often achieve profitability and competitive advantage if they manage the costing process correctly.

Accounting Finance Management

It is a process that enables the business to manage its financial resources effectively. This process includes various activities to understand the financial position of the business, to achieve financial targets and to create a sustainable financial structure. Strong financial management helps businesses adapt to changing market conditions, achieve their financial goals and manage risks effectively.


can be integrated to further optimize businesses’ financial processes. Thanks to this integration, e-invoice processes can communicate directly with accounting modules, invoice data can be saved automatically and cost savings can be achieved. This integration provides businesses with a competitive advantage by making business processes more efficient and error-free.


It provides businesses with better information management, helps ensure legal compliance and contributes to optimizing business processes. However, the needs of each business are different, so the integration strategy should be tailored to the specific requirements and objectives of the business.


E-Waybill is a system where paper waybills are digitized. A waybill is a document that documents the transportation of goods from one place to another and is often used as part of trade transactions. E-Waybill is a solution that enables to manage this process electronically. HarmonERP is a software system that integrates the core business processes of an enterprise.

Quality Management

Better data sharing between quality processes and business operations. This allows quality control and monitoring processes to be aligned with other business processes. HarmonyERP monitors production processes and material flow to identify factors that affect product quality.


It aims to build a more in-depth and personalized relationship with customers. This increases customer satisfaction, strengthens customer loyalty and can increase the company’s competitive advantage. Integrates customer data with business processes. Sales teams can access order status and inventory information.

Barcoded Transactions Module

This module integrates barcode reading devices, software applications and related business processes. Each product can be assigned a unique barcode. The barcode allows the product to be identified and tracked. Sales transactions are carried out quickly by scanning the barcodes of the products selected by the customer. Barcodes can be used in payment transactions and cash register integration.

Schedule Description

With this module, automated calculations are made for pre-prepared MRP scenarios and Cost scenarios, making production faster and contributing in terms of time, creating a dynamic structure in companies.

Fixed Assets Furniture and Fixtures

Asset management is critical to ensure the financial integrity and asset management of the business. HarmonyERP automates these processes, increasing efficiency and helping to manage costs more effectively. Fixed assets are usually integrated into the ERP system through the procurement process. Purchases are recorded and fixtures are added directly to the system. Thanks to this integration, the business manages the cost of fixtures, depreciation and other financial details more effectively

Mail Alert System

Email alerts are often integrated with workflows. Alerts can be sent automatically when progress is made or the next step is taken in a specific work process. You can monitor stock levels and stock management can automatically send warning emails when the stock level of a particular product exceeds or falls below a certain threshold. HarmonyERP has the ability to automatically send email notifications when certain conditions are met.

Annex Module Details

Configuration Management

It plays a critical role in optimizing system performance, mitigating risks and maintaining system integrity, especially in large-scale organizations and complex systems.

Advanced Production Planning Scheduling (APS)

It is used to determine how to plan production processes according to future demands. It aims to make optimal use of labor, machinery, materials and other production resources. It provides the ability to monitor and track production processes in real time.

Handheld Terminal Module

It enables users in the field to obtain and enter various data into the system. This can be realized through barcode readers, touch screens or physical keyboards. It allows users in the field to manage order intake, invoicing and shipping.

Connected Sales Tracking System

Connected sales tracking systems have the ability to track sales processes from start to finish. This includes customer requests, proposals, contracts and other sales stages. It can also include functions to analyze and report on sales performance.

T-Soft Integration

T-Soft is a professional e-commerce infrastructure provider. It is suitable for anyone who wants to trade via online ordering.

Dealer/Service Management (WEB)

Regular trainings on products and services are provided to dealers. This helps dealers market products accurately and serve customers effectively. Dealers are provided with regular stock updates and supply chain management support. This means effective inventory management to meet demands. Service management deals with product maintenance, repair and warranty services. This enables customers to solve problems with their products. Manages the process of providing technical support to customers. It offers support through different channels such as telephone, online support or field service.

MES Integration (Cormind)

MES manages the operations that take place in production and is designed to make these processes more effective and efficient. MES monitors events taking place in production, collects and analyzes data and is used to improve the overall performance of the production process.

River Integration

Today’s information systems generate unprecedented amounts of data from both digital and physical sources. When properly ingested, combined and analyzed, this wealth of data can be used to discover patterns and insights that illuminate pathways to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencies. Using a RIVER software application platform, you can easily discover, understand and manage business process execution more effectively.

Insurance Policy

The insurance sector is generally subject to various legal regulations. The ERP system can monitor and report on compliance with these regulations. Since each insurance company has different needs, ERP integration may require a custom configuration. Therefore, the best ERP solution for an insurance company should take into account the company’s specific requirements and business processes.

Leasing Transactions

HarmonyERP system can manage customer information and leasing contracts. Customer information is used in credit assessment and leasing contract stages. HarmonyERP integration gives businesses broad visibility and control to monitor, report and manage leasing transactions more effectively. It is also an important tool for making financial decisions and making business processes more efficient.

Budget Planning

Budget planning is a process that involves an organization determining its income and expenditures for the next period and managing its resources by setting targets in this direction. The HarmonyERP system collects budget proposals from departments and enables the creation of a centralized budget. This helps the organization to assess the overall budget situation.

Entegra Integration

You can forward your orders from your e-commerce site and marketplace stores to your cargo branch with a single click and collectively using our cargo integration. Thanks to the cargo integration, the transactions made at the cargo branch are automatically performed by Entegra.

Net Statement Integration

With NetEkstre Open Banking Platform, all the banks you work with are now on a single panel. You can view all your account transactions instantly and receive reports and notifications. You easily integrate it into your HarmonyERP / Accounting systems.

Net Collection Integration (POS Integration)

It is a type of integration used to optimize the process of managing a business’s payment processing and to offer customers a variety of payment methods. It is usually associated with a POS (Point of Sale) system. This integration integrates the payment methods that customers use to make their purchases and the financial processes of the business.

Reconciliation (BA/BS)

Reconciliation is an important process in accounting and finance and is often referred to by the term BA/BS, which stands for “Receipt of Statement / Reconciliation of Document”. Reconciliation is a process to check and verify that financial documents, records and accounts agree with each other.

Supplier Offer / Order Reconciliation Communication Portal

It refers to an online platform used by a business to communicate with its suppliers, evaluate offers, manage orders and reconcile between both parties. Such a portal helps to make supply chain management processes more effective and transparent. The portal facilitates communication with suppliers regarding offers and orders. Questions, requests for additional information and other communication between the supplier and the business can take place via this platform.

Document Tracking

Document tracking is a critical process that enables a business to manage incoming and outgoing documents, documents and files in an organized manner. Relevant units can create and upload documents to the system. These documents can be orders, invoices, contracts, personnel files and so on. Manage access levels and security settings for documents. Providing limited access to documents containing particularly sensitive information.

Visitor Tracking

This type of system aims to record and track a business’s visitors, implement security measures and enhance the visitor experience. By making businesses’ visitor management processes more organized, secure and efficient, it increases the overall level of security and optimizes business processes.

Archive Room Tracking

Recording archived documents, files and papers in the system and assigning them to specific categories or classifications. Digital scanning and archiving of documents in electronic format. This provides quick access to documents and reduces physical storage space.

Production Personnel Monitoring Report

Production personnel monitoring report refers to a type of report used to track the production processes of an enterprise and the performance of production personnel. This type of report provides the business with the possibility to optimize production processes, increase efficiency and evaluate employee performance.

Overtime Request

It includes processes such as digital recording, management, approval and reporting of overtime requests.

Meeting Room Reservation

It refers to a software solution designed to manage the processes of planning, booking and using meeting rooms of a business. Such a system makes the process of finding suitable venues for meetings, making reservations, tracking and reporting on bookings more efficient and organized.

Suggestion Tracking

It enables businesses to effectively manage suggestions from customers and employees. It increases customer satisfaction, provides opportunities to improve business processes and strengthens the company’s competitive advantage.

Information Processing

It enables the business to manage its technology infrastructure more effectively, optimize resources and deliver IT services efficiently.

Lead Management (WEB)

It can refer to a software or solution that focuses on managing a business’s potential customer relationships and sales processes through an online platform. This type of solution aims to optimize customer acquisition and sales processes and helps businesses to effectively track leads through online channels.

Sales Offer Management (WEB)

It can refer to a software solution that aims to create, manage and track the business’s sales offers through an online platform. This type of solution helps businesses to provide offers to customers quickly and effectively. It enables sales representatives or business owners to create fast and customizable sales proposals through an online platform.

Sales Order Management (WEB)

Matching orders with current stock status and automatically updating inventory management, integrating customer information, order history and preferences into a customer relationship management system, enables businesses to manage online sales processes and efficiently process customer orders. It offers customers a better shopping experience and helps businesses optimize inventory management.

Quality Management (WEB)

It helps businesses to raise quality standards, optimize their processes and increase customer satisfaction. It also improves regulatory compliance and ensures transparency of business processes.

Production Completion

It helps businesses manage their production processes more effectively, use their resources efficiently and improve their overall operational performance.

Entegra E-commerce Integration

E-commerce integration enables data exchange and synchronization between a business’ e-commerce site and Entegra’s software. This integration helps businesses automate various business processes, reduce errors and increase their efficiency.

Ödüyo Integration (Bank Movements Integration)

It helps businesses optimize their financial processes by reducing manual errors, increasing efficiency and ensuring the accuracy of financial data. It can also accelerate financial reporting processes and provide businesses with real-time financial visibility

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